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We invite you to celebrate the extraordinary history – and bright future – of the Orpheum Theatre with a $95 gift.

Through the decades, the organization has recognized its great responsibility to the city of Memphis and the Mid-South region. Today, providing unmatched access and education opportunities shares priority with the top-tier entertainment we are known for.

From student matinees and interactive field trips to ticket subsidies and year-round workshops, your gift ensures we can reach our goal to engage 95 regional classrooms in our 95th year.

Starting today, give a special $95 gift and be recognized by name for the entire 95th year
(in every Broadway marquee AND in a special installation at the theatre)!




Thank You to Our Donors


John and Lisa Bobango Amy and Alex Knight Jerry and Nina Patton
Karen Fields-Isaacman and Ken Isaacman Robin and Billy Orgel Lura and Steve Turner



Robert E. Batson Veronica and Brett Batterson



Sara and Kevin Adams Marsha and David Goberish David and Susan Pace
G. Lawson and Marcia Albritton Taryn Summer Graham Dr. and Mrs. Joel Perchik
Christopher Allen Sue and Frank Guarino Paige Perkins
Nathan Ashby and Dustin Hornsby Trampas and Melissa Gunter Beth and David Pickler
Lamar and Clara Bailey Jim and Mary Lee Hall Katie Pickler
Daven and Dacquiri Baptiste Jerry and Carol Harber Penny and Chris Pirtle
JJ and Carrie Barnes Tommy and Laura Beth Harrison Marci Platkin
Laquita Jackson Barnes The Hattons Dr. Crystal and Mr. Kyle Pourciau
Thonda Barnes Priscilla Hernandez J&J Quay
Jessica Beard Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hewitt Kerry and Beth Regen
Harold Beaver Patti Hicks Rebecca Regen Ferrante
Tom Bedell, Jr. Kimberly Hill In Honor of Debbie Reinach
Ken and Debbie Bennett Tonya Holly Misty Roberson
Kristin Bennett Vicki Howell John Rogers
Leigh and Bernie Bernil Sandi Butler Hughes Kelli Rollins-Stidham
Lena Wallace Black Verity Hwang Meryl and Elizabeth Rosen
Blake Solutions, Inc. Rachel Jackson with Bloomin’ Blinds of Lakeland Elena and Tom Ross
Linda Bond Darin and LaTarshia Johnson Chuck Russell and Amanda Curtin
Steve and Margaret Bonnema Thomas and Myrtle Johnson Justin Russell
Debbie and Homer Branan Lori Jones Michael and Christina Scarbrough
Gary R. Bratton Charles and Penny Jones Karl and Gail Schledwitz
Sara and Eric Bridges Andrew Jordan Don Scobey
Anthony and Delois Brown Elizabeth Chisholm Jordan Nicholas Scully
Diane Brown Nicholas Jordan Carolyn Sechrest
Andy and Becky Burkeen Ashley Kershaw Robbie, Sally and Carey Segal
Janelle Burns Alan and Arlene Kleiman Stephen and Rachel Shankman
Clarissa Butler Karen Lawhorn Dr. Elizabeth Simmons
Chris and Sandy Caldwell Linder Lemmons Marilyn Sims
Miss Jessica M. Cannon Mary Lenoci Neeti and Sharanjit Singh
Amelia Carkuff Kelsea Lewis Susan Smith and Family
Lea and Robert Carr Judy Littlefield Elestine Smittick
The Holly Carter Family LRK Tammy Sullivan
Memphis Grindhouse Coffee Erick and Moriah Loya Patrick and Amanda Tamburrino
Jacqueline Collins Paulette and Paul Luker Phyllis G. Taylor
Josh and Angela Cornell Cindi Maglothin Dr. David A. Tipton
Tori Cornwell Reginald and Amy Manning Christina Torres and Alex Barton
Larry E. Crum Elizabeth and Jerry Marshall Joel and Sandi Tracy
Wendy Dabbous In Honor of Julia Belle and Maria Elise Mason Tracy and Jon Trotter
Charles Davidson Gabe Mcgaha Anna and Rob Tyner
Candace Dean Jennifer McGrath Mackenzie and Ted VanAusdall
Babs Deas Hanan McNamee Earl and Cynthia Vories
Maria DeLongy Brent and Terry Mecklin Zachary Wade
Caprice O. Devereux Karen K. Meeks Ron and Marianne Walter
Stephen DiMeglio Robert and Mimi Mehrle Teresa T. Ward
Muffin and John Gray Amy Louise Miller Tracy Washington
The Dyer Family P. Alexander Miller Samantha Scobey Weathers
Ellen M. Harvey Edge Elizabeth Morris Janet C. Webster
Wayne Edwards Sharon Biffle Morris Annette Wheless
David Eppes Ree and Jack Moses Jimmy White
Dorothy Epps Caitlin and Jason Motte Lowry and Sally Whitehorn
Monte Cole Flowers David Napier Mark Wittman
Phil Frazer Daniel Stuart Nelson Mr. and Mrs. William Wolfe
Debbie Freeman Michael Nelson Pam Wooden
Kim and John Gaskill Ken and Angie Nix Robin Martin Yates
Dr. and Mrs. Barry Gilmore Madeline Nunn Rosemarie Yoon
Blake Ginet Leslie O'Barr Glenda Young
Lisa Girtley   Dennis Zolper



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