From the 1928 construction of the new Orpheum to the construction of the Halloran Centre, generous Mid-Southerners have been at the heart of Main and Beale. With gifts large and small, through donations and patronage, the Orpheum Theatre Group has stood the test of time thanks to the people in its community.

Get to know some of our donors!

Nicholas and Tymikia Glenn joined the Orpheum family as season ticket holders and became donors the next year. They are truly committed to the Theatre, driving two hours each way to get here from their home. We talked to them to learn more about why they love the Orpheum.


Nicholas, your favorite show is Les Misérables. Tell us why.

Nicholas: I love the story line of redemption, of working hard, and then helping other people.

Tymikia: And for me, it’s Phantom of the Opera. We took our boys because we loved it so much and thought, “they have to see it”. We were so glad we made it happen because they absolutely loved it. It was an incredible experience to have as a family.


You guys were both involved in theatre growing up. Tell us about it.

T: I grew up performing in middle and high school at Central. I was in Uncle Tom’s Cabin and in Mary Poppins I was a chimney sweep!

N: And I was never on stage but heavily involved in the arts program at Overton High School building sets and painting backdrops.


And now you’re sort of reliving those days with your kids?

T: Yes! We support their theatre programs and Nicholas runs security and helps with the sets. They love theatre. Our youngest went to the Orpheum Summer Camp and I’ll tell you what – he came home singing every day.

N: And because Hamilton made history so entertaining, our boys left the show wanting to look up the all the things they heard about in the songs.

T: Getting to see them grow up with theatre just reignites our love for it.


Is that what keeps you coming back? I know you live two hours away from Memphis.

N: Watching someone really love what they do and seeing it live – every time you see it, it’s different. That’s what’s got me hooked.

T: I’m in front of people all the time at work. Going to a show, I just get to enjoy time with my husband. We put our phones on silent and we are not disturbed! We just get to be together, enjoy the show, and shut out the outside world.

N: I’m a police detective, so it’s an outlet for me. On my tough days at work, I look at the calendar and think, “but in x amount of days, I’m going to be sitting at the Orpheum with my wife”.


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