Led by Kennedy Center Teaching Artists Melanie Rick and Jamin Carter

Melanie and Jamin will lead multiple workshops over the course of the week. Explore each session below:

Monday: Arts Integration Foundations

Academic Conversations in the Arts Integrated Classroom

Monday, June 10: 9am to Noon

An arts integrated approach to teaching is grounded in collaborative, social, cooperative learning. The heart of this approach is the students’ ability to effectively engage in, navigate, and negotiate purposeful conversations.

Designing Classroom Spaces for Arts Integration

Monday, June 10: 1-4pm

In this session, consider how to redesign and organize your classroom's physical layout and furniture arrangement so it is flexible and can support students' ability to be creative and collaborative while constructing and demonstrating their understandings through the arts.

Tuesday: Arts Integration Foundations

Acting Right with Jamin Carter

Tuesday, June 11: 9am to Noon

Teachers will use foundational elements of acting such as concentration, cooperation, and collaboration to create a structured process to empower students to take ownership of and be responsible for their own behavior while building the skills necessary to establish a sense of self-control, accountability, and teambuilding in the classroom. 

Documenting Student Learning in the Arts

Tuesday, June 11: 1-4pm

In this session, explore purposes, components, and formats for communicating arts-integrated instruction and student learning, and consider ways to align them to the needs of various constituencies, such as school administrators and parents.

Wednesday: Visual Art and Science Integration

Think Like a Scientist: Developing Science Practices Through Visual Art

Wednesday, June 12: 9am to Noon

Explore ways to help students read visual art to develop their use of several science practices, such as careful observation, analyzing and interpreting data, and developing an explanation based on evidence.

Think Like a Scientist, Part 2

Wednesday, June 12: 1-4pm

Jamin and Melanie will co-lead a session on scientific observational drawings that builds on the skills learned in the morning's Think Like a Scientist workshop.

Please do not register for the Wednesday afternoon session without attending the morning workshop.

Thursday: Integrating Visual Arts with Social Studies and ELA

Reading Portraits as Biographies: Observe. Infer. Inquire.

Thursday, June 13: 9am to Noon

This workshop examines ways to teach students to view portraits as a visual text filled with meaningful symbolism in order to make the study of people and biographies more engaging. 

Looking the "Write" Way

Thursday, June 13: 1-4pm

Descriptive, carefully chosen words and various poetry tools work together to create vivid images that express thoughts and feelings, while synthesizing the work of art. 

Please do not register for the Thursday afternoon session without attending the morning workshop. Teachers who have previously attended Reading Art Across the Curriculum or Reading Portraits as Biographies with Melanie Rick or Jamin Carter are welcome to this afternoon session without attending the morning session. 

Friday: K-12 Arts Specialists

These sessions are specifically for VISUAL ART SPECIALISTS.

Looking to Write: Creating and Responding to Art through Poetry

Friday, June 14: 9am to Noon

This session will focus on guiding teachers through a process of analytical comparing and contrasting works of art to teach students the critical skills of observation, inferring and inquiring. 

Looking to Write: Creating and Responding to Art through Poetry, Part 2

Friday, June 14: 1-4pm

Teachers will learn how to extend the creative process to help students write more expansive artist statements and also synthesize their own artistic responses through poetry.

Please do not register for the Friday afternoon session without attending the morning workshop.

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