Led by Kennedy Center Teaching Artist Ryan Hourigan

Ryan Hourigan shares the unique story that has led him to become a leading advocate for the inclusion of students with disabilities in arts education. Ryan invites the audience along on his journey from music educator and parent to advocate for change, highlighting stories of the exceptional students that have inspired his work along the way.

Kennedy Center Arts Integration

The Orpheum Theatre Group (OTG) is proud to be a Kennedy Center Partners in Education Team, in collaboration with Shelby County Schools. Through this program, OTG brings Kennedy Center teaching artists to work with teachers across the Mid-South. These arts integration specialists provide educators with the tools and strategies to transform classrooms. 

Arts integration, as defined by the Kennedy Center, is “an approach to teaching in which students construct and demonstrate understanding through an art form.” Arts integration learning has shown to increase literacy, raise test scores, and help develop key communication skills. In short, arts integration makes learning fun while creating more enthusiastic, creative, and empathetic students.

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